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Finding Your Authentic Voice: Gender-Affirming Voice Training

April 23 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Finding your authentic voice Poster

We are thrilled to bring back for a second time our, Finding Your Authentic Voice: Gender-Affirming Voice Training series

What is it?

Gender-affirming voice training is a non-surgical approach to shifting and changing aspects of the voice that are recognized as gender-specific. This voice training helps folks find the voice that is truest to their gender expression and empowers them to speak confidently.

Why get professional support?

Our voice is not just sound. It is a comprehensive and complex system of brain function, nerve control muscular movements, and sound production.

Meredith Cozzarelli MS, CCC-SLP, is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist will help guide the safest way to shift and change the voice.

While individual voice training will provide you with specific goals, instructions, and feedback to help shift your voice specifically to you, this group setting will provide guidance and support to start you on the path to your safest and most authentic voice.

The Aspects of Gender Voice and Speech-Affirming Training

  • Vocal hygiene- how healthy is your vocal system?
  • Shoulder and neck tension- the more relaxed, the better.
  • Breath support- the power of the voice!
  • Frequency- your pitch; how high or low is your voice?
  • Resonance- where in your vocal tract is the sound most produced?
  • Intonation- stress patterns and emotions
  • Articulation- how you are making speech sounds
  • Non-verbal communication

$50 ticket is for the entire three-part series, including two optional in-person practice sessions.


4/16 – Virtual
4/23 – Virtual
4/30 – Virtual
5/7 – In person, optional


April 23
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm