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Out Montclair Families welcomes LGBTQIA+ parents and parents of LGBTQIA+ kids. We are creating opportunities to meet, play, offer support and make lifelong friends and memories together.

Many queer parents moved to Montclair and surrounding areas because we wanted the exact community Out Montclair Families strives to be: embracing, fun-loving, in the trenches together, and above all, there for each other, as people and parents. We hope to be your first friends if you’re new in town and longtime family thereafter.

We invite you to come join our growing chosen family! (EDITED BS)

Previous Events

Out Montclair Families has events that bring together LGBTQIA+ parents and Littles in fun, social settings! 

Previous events include:

Park Playdates: casual drop-ins in Montclair parks and public spaces.

Sunday Funday: sports and fun under the dome, with snacks and drinks for the grownups!

Pumpkin Spectacular: in town hay maze, pumpkin bowling, crafts and treats for our fall mix-and-mingle.

Pride on the Page: a curated list of LGBTQIA+ inclusive books and storytimes created by Out Montclair Families and educators to ensure our families are visible and celebrated in books in our children’s preschools, because “everyone deserves to see themselves in books on the shelves.” You can count on Out Montclair Families to speak up and show up for equality, safety and acceptance, for the freedom to read, to be ourselves, and for every young person to feel safe and valued.

Family Pride: We designed Montclair Pride 2023’s first Family Pride Fun Zone with games and glitter, creating a space fully alive with play, art, music, pride and joy. (EDITED BS)


"Finding families that look like ours has become a priority for us. We've heard that the town of Montclair is very open to all different types of families, and we love everything we see Out Montclair doing to build this community too!"
Caitlin and Moe
Montclair Moms
"'Pride on the Page' includes some of my family's favorites, older classics and recently published stories. The beautiful and incredible diversity of every family is represented at school and that strengthens our entire community with messages of welcome and acceptance."
Kerri McMahon
Out Montclair Families Co-Lead
"I can't express how much your support and effort meant to me - and to a LOT of other people. Your ability to get the word out and mobilize was really a sight to behold!"
N. Bumpercar
Cedar Grove

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Out Montclair Families is an active group of volunteers, parents, and educators working together to create a more welcoming and supportive environment for LGBTQIA+ families in the greater Montclair area.

Contact this involved group of engaged and passionate parents to be a part of the fun. (BS)